• 3D Visualisation

    42m – Rhinoceros Model
  • 3D Structure Model

    150m – Rhinoceros Model
  • 3D Visualisation

    Rhinoceros Model
  • Gas Carrier

    7200 m3
  • FEM

    Numerical structural analysis
  • Cementina

    Cargo Vessel Reconstruction
  • Catamaran Yacht

  • Container Vessel

    1000 TEU
  • Car Carrier

    5000 Cars DNV Flexi Design
  • Jadranska kraljica

  • Platform Jupiter

  • Container Vessel

    1800 TEU

Navtec Marine is a private group of technical specialists, established in 1993, offering design and consulting services to ship and yacht owners and builders, working worldwide.

Navtec Marine covers demands regarding various types of ships, yachts and special structures:

  • Ships (tankers, containers, MPVs, etc.)
  • Yachts (including high speed craft)
  • Special structures/machines
  • Offshore and Special Equipment Design

Our Clients